The ARC Family : Artist Resource Center / ARC Dance Lounge / ARC Theater

The ARC is a not-for-profit organization that provides artists with the tools and knowledge to grow in their craft, with practical training in both the creative and the business sides of the entertainment industry.

The Artist Resource Center, our breathtaking facility in North Hollywood, includes a 6-station computer lab, a creative suite to inspire collaboration, a film editing suite, a conference room, and a main area equipped to host various events, training workshops, and artistic development modules.

Just around the corner is the new ARC Dance Lounge! Designed with dancers, actors & photographers in mind, this space is perfect for dance classes, rehearsals & more.

The newest addition to the ARC family is The ARC Theater! Located in West Hollywood, this historic 700-seat theater is a platform for our film and music endeavors, as well as an avenue to showcase various inspirational productions, screenings, concerts, and other special events.

We serve a community of creative individuals with immeasurable amounts of talent in the arts & entertainment world, many of whom may not have the resources to bring that creativity to fruition. The goal of the ARC is to help artists discover their purpose in life, develop their talents, and in turn, bless the world with the realized creations.

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